A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy

June 26 - July 31, 2017

Have you been trying to make sense out of all the economic jargon you hear in the news? This class is designed with you in mind. You’ll learn the basics of economics in an intuitive and fun way as you read the book Naked Economics. Any secondary teacher who wants to incorporate economics into his/her instruction should read this book. No graphs or math problems to complicate things – just the fundamentals of economics in plain English.  Weekly on-line quizzes will test your understanding of the material and an essay based on a current event will show you can tie the concepts together. You’ll also be able to ask questions of the professor via e-mail. 

Secondary lesson plans will be provided from an experienced teacher who uses the book in her classes and that can be linked to the following topics:

  • supply, demand, and markets
  • incentives, unintended consequences, tradeoffs, opportunity cost
  • externalities, public goods, common resources  (role of government)
  • factors of production    
  • basic finance (risk and return) 
  • macroeconomic variables  (GDP, unemployment…)
  • money and monetary policy
  • gains from international trade
  • issues in developing nations

Grades:  Secondary
Place:  Online
Fee:  $50
Optional Credit: 2 credit hours, ECON or PFL, available through the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, $200.
Faculty:  Katie Sauer, PhD; and Sherry Weber, teacher, Chatfield High School
Includes:  A complimentary copy of the book, Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan
Questions:  Contact the CCEE office at 303-752-2323 |

*REFUND POLICY: Registration cancellations must be requested within 10 business days prior to the class start date; otherwise registration fees will be forfeited.

**REGISTRATION GUIDELINES:** We try to identify the best fit for our open enrollment classes, usually by the kinds of resources and pedagogy included in the class. However, it is our STRONG belief that the content from any of these classes is valuable for the professional development of any teacher, will enhance the understanding of ALL teachers, and will inspire creative applications in individual classrooms. We encourage teachers of all grade levels to attend any of our classes. We hold 3 spots in every one-day open enrollment class for retired teachers and the general community.

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