For Upper Elementary Teachers, 3-6 Grades

How to Integrate Economics & Personal Financial Literacy Into What You Already Do: Tips, Tricks and Resources

June 8, 2017 in Denver

Escape the trap of feeling that Economics (ECON) and Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) are just two more things  on top of the ever-expanding heap of content you’re expected to teach. 


Grades:  Upper Elementary, grades 3 - 6
Place:  CCEE Office, 3443 S Galena Street, 2nd Floor, Denver
Time:  8:00 am - 3:00 pm
Fee:  FREE ($25 refundable deposit due with registration)*
Continuing Education:  Each participant will receive a letter documenting seven hours of continuing education
Faculty:  Charles Kastens, Teacher, Independence Elementary School, Cherry Creek School District; and Della Hoffman, Teacher, Place Bridge Academy, Denver Public Schools
Includes:  Light breakfast and lunch
Questions:  Contact the CCEE office at 303-752-2323 |

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Teacher Travel Stipends Are Back
CCEE is offering a travel stipend for active teachers. Fill out a form (provided at the class) and CCEE will send you a check upon mileage verification. Receive $75 when you drive over 75 miles one way or $150 when you drive over 200 miles one way. One stipend per carpool please. This offer does not apply to partnership programs.

We’ve drafted two top-notch elementary teachers who are passionate about working with you to bring ECON and PFL to your classrooms. Their goal is to share with you some tips, tricks and resources that will help you integrate these subjects into what you’re already doing in your reading groups, math instruction and classroom management. The ideas and resources will provide a different, energizing and fun way to engage kids in learning! 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and collaborate with fellow teachers for a day of professional development.

*REFUND POLICY: Registration cancellations must be requested within 10 business days prior to the class start date; otherwise registration fees will be forfeited.

**REGISTRATION GUIDELINES:** We try to identify the best fit for our open enrollment classes, usually by the kinds of resources and pedagogy included in the class. However, it is our STRONG belief that the content from any of these classes is valuable for the professional development of any teacher, will enhance the understanding of ALL teachers, and will inspire creative applications in individual classrooms. We encourage teachers of all grade levels to attend any of our classes. We hold 3 spots in every one-day open enrollment class for retired teachers and the general community.