International Trade – The Enduring Issue Seminar

Saturday, March 18, 2017 in Colorado Springs

Whether you teach history, geography, civics or economics, trade is a ubiquitous phenomenon on the tapestry of the human record. Recently, and predictably, the political season brought out lots of haggles over international trade and trade agreements, going back to NAFTA and the WTO and right through the TPP and TTIP. Just what is it about international trade that inspires, and always has inspired, such passionate debate? What are the arguments advocating free trade and what are the objections of those who prefer greater restrictions? Just how desirable or objectionable are the trade agreements proffered by national leaders to the public?

Grades: Secondary
Place | Time: Peaks Pike Community College, Colorado Springs, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
FEE: $25*
Optional Credit:  ½ UCCS ECON 6310 or 6320 Graduate Credit Hour, $50. Credit is good for Certificate in Economic Education or in Personal Financial Literacy Education, but not both.
Faculty: John Brock PhD, Director, Center for Economic Education, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Dan Driscoll, Asst. Professor of Economics, USAFA
Includes: Light breakfast and lunch

Registration closed, please call CCEE (303-752-2323) for availability.

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