October 20, 2018 - Denver - Class is Canceled

If you are looking for some engaging, hands-on, project-based options for teaching entrepreneurship, this class should meet your needs.  We will be joined by a professor from the Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship at the CU-Denver School of Business, who will help us understand the factors that both promote and inhibit business creation.  Additionally, we will have two mentor teachers presenting different approaches – the first involves competitive tasks, each of which incorporates elements of entrepreneurship.  The other approach involves having students develop a fully functioning business from beginning to end, with a glimpse into both the entrepreneur’s head and spirit.  Join us to pick-and-choose the best ideas for your classroom!

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Unfortunately this class had been
canceled due low enrollment,
we apologize for the inconvenience.

$50 & $100 Teacher Travel Stipends Are Available

Economic Literacy Colorado is offering a travel stipend for active teachers. Fill out a form (provided at the class) and we will send you a check upon mileage verification. Receive $50 when you drive over 75 miles one way or $100 when you drive over 200 miles one way. One stipend per carpool please.
*REFUND POLICIY: Registration cancellations must be requested 10 business days prior to the class start date; otherwise registration fees will be forfeited.

REGISTRATION GUIDELINES: We try to identify the best fit for our open enrollment classes, usually by the kinds of resources and pedagogy included in the class. However, it is our STRONG belief that the content from any of these classes is valuable for the professional development of any teacher, will enhance the understanding of ALL teachers, and will inspire creative applications in individual classrooms. We encourage teachers of all grade levels to attend any of our classes.