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Sensible personal finance and investing can be taught in many different formats. The SME Infographic Contest is designed to utilize a cross-curricular approach to combine art, marketing, writing, and math skills along with your personal finance and economics instruction.

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What is an infographic and how are they created?


Topics:   Develop an infographic on one of the suggested topics dealing with Investing or Personal Finance.   See guidelines for all the details.

 Judging:  Each of the Infographics that we receive will be evaluated by judges using the following criteria: 

  • 25% - Topic and Purpose 
  • 25% - Data
  • 15% - Citations
  • 15% - Layout
  • 10% - Color and Font
  • 10% - Spelling,  Grammar and Punctuation


Submission Guidelines

  • Winning infographics may be printed as12" X 18" posters
  • Infographic should be a least 1500 x 2250 pixels, preferred 3600 X 5400 pixels.
  • Submit your infographic in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Use of copyrighted material is prohibited.
  • Submitted electronically by e-mail to .
    • If a file is large, we recommend using a cloud file storage program to upload the file and then send us the link to download.
    • Contact Lisa Vogt for more information or questions.

Prizes and Due Dates

  • 1st Place $100, 2nd Place $50, 3rd Place $25 will be awarded to the winning student/team in the high school, middle school, and elementary school divisions.
  • Teachers of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for each division will be awarded the same amount as their student/team.  (Teacher prizes not to exceed $100 total).
  • Spring 2018 Infographic submission are due on or before April 6, 2018.


Below are examples of a good infographics completed by students in Indiana.

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