Announcing the Winner of 2018 Koelbel Enterprising Teacher of the Year Award


This is Economic Literacy Colorado’s 31st year of honoring a teacher of economics or personal finance. The award has been aptly named the Koelbel Enterprising Teacher of the Year Award, in honor of long-time supporters Buz and Sherri Koelbel. Other donors recognize their advocacy and have created an endowment in their name to help subsidize the cash prize associated with this award, which is $2,000.

This year’s recipient is Della Hoffman. She is passionate in her integration of economics and personal finance into her instruction at Place Bridge Academy, a K-8 school with around 1,000 students. At Place Bridge more than 60 different languages and 40 different countries are represented in the student body. While distinguishing herself as a full-time classroom teacher, Della has also served as a mentor teacher to her colleagues in well over a dozen professional development settings and has worked with the Colorado Department of Education in multiple projects promoting economic education. She is a most deserving recipient of the award.

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