Teacher Spotlight: Donna Ecks

Donna Ecks, a teacher from Doherty High School, shares what taking classes from EconLitCO has meant to her and her students. 

After attending this first class, taught by Dr. John Brock, I was hooked. How could I have missed out on such a cool and exciting subject? I had finally found my niche. With each subsequent class I took, my knowledge and ability to share economics in a fun and exciting way grew exponentially. In essence, I had become a part of the multiplier effect that ELC creates in Colorado. Teach one teacher content and methodology and that teacher will spread the seeds of economics and financial literacy to more teachers and thus, more students. Over a career one teacher will potentially impact thousands of students. I myself have reached 4, 000 students to date and shared the benefits of ELC with many of my colleagues. The exceptional quality of the ELC staff, professors, and teachers, and the strong belief in a teacher’s ability to teach once taught the concepts and methodology, make ELC the only organization in Colorado providing what is truly needed to have an exceptional impact on student learning and their lives.