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Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in the Elementary Grades

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Course Information

With funding from Great-West Financial as the Founding Sponsor, Economic Literacy Colorado (EconLitCo) has developed a six module fully online course entitled, Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in the Elementary Grades (TPFLEG). It is designed to help elementary teachers teach Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) content and pedagogy. The course is currently available in both facilitated and non-facilitated formats. The course goals are two-fold:

  • Provide elementary teachers with the financial literacy and economics background to make more informed personal financial decisions
  • Provide elementary teachers with the tools to integrate financial literacy in their classroom

EconLitCo will be offering TPFLEG to state councils and university-based centers for their branded use. The licensing fee paid to EconLitCo in 2016 will be just $25 for each teacher log-in provided for either version. The facilitated version includes content and activity structure that supports a two graduate-credit option (non-degree). The non-facilitated version allows course participants to interact with course content at their own pace.

Course Structure

This course is organized into six modules. Each module is designed to be covered in a week. Module one introduces the course format and the national PFL standards that form the base of the PFL content. Modules two to six are organized around the major PFL content ‘buckets’ identified in CEE’s National Standards for Personal Financial Literacy:

  • Module Two: Buying Goods and Services
  • Module Three: Earning Income
  • Module Four: Saving
  • Module Five: Using Credit
  • Module Six: Financial Investing and Protecting and Insuring

To learn how the course was developed, go to:

The Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in Elementary Grades course utilizes a series of 50 short videos to set the scene and provide an engaging introduction, screencasts (narrated PowerPoints), documents, and links to online content to present PFL content and teaching resources. To see the videos used to highlight PFL concepts, go to the YouTube Channel at

To sample the online course structure, view the sample course at:
Use the following log-in: Username: ccee_coursesample; Password: Course2015

Course Modifications

The Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in the Elementary Grades (TPFLEG) course can be modified to a certain extent to meet the specific needs of a council or center. Possible modifications include:

  • Add state logos (and color scheme) and information about the state council
  • Add specific state information, including academic standards
  • Update or add additional activities
  • Add or modify certain financial literacy content

Course Facilitator Training

Free course facilitator training will be provided for up to 20 qualified facilitators nationwide to enable course implementation by councils and centers.

Two types of courses are available:

  • Facilitated – A facilitated course uses a course facilitator to interact with course participants through online discussions, information sharing activities, and the Action Plan development to support integration of financial literacy into the classroom. Depending on the university, a facilitated course may be approved for graduate-level professional development credit.
  • Non-facilitated – A non-facilitated course allows course participants to go through course content at their own pace. No interaction occurs between course participants and course facilitation is not available. A certificate of completion could be provided to participants that complete all course activities.

Background Information

The following information helps the facilitation course coordinator organize appropriate experiences.  When selecting a facilitator please consider the following qualifications:

  • background in using technology to support teaching and learning.
  • background in economics and personal financial literacy content.
  • experience in teaching personal financial literacy.
  • experience in an online learning environment.

Contact information:

Linda Cannon
Economic Literacy Colorado
3443 S. Galena St., Suite 190
Denver, CO 80231

Facilitator Application

Online course facilitators need to have a combination of technology expertise and content knowledge. To support the Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in the Elementary Grades (TPFLEG) facilitated course, specialized online facilitation training is available. To be a facilitator for this course, a person should have:

  • A high level of content knowledge in economics and financial literacy concepts
  • Expertise in using technology to support teaching and learning
  • Expertise in teaching personal financial literacy content

Facilitation Dates Available

(2 slots are available for each of the following TPFLEG session dates:

January 29 to March 11, 2018
June 18 to July 29, 2018

A trainee must commit to attending one of the six-week Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in the Elementary Grades course sessions and be willing to play the role of facilitator when appropriate. 


If you are interested in becoming a trained facilitator for Teaching Personal Financial Literacy in the Elementary Grades, please complete the following form:

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